Welcome to my little part of the www! This website started off originally as a single page showing a flakey Supra I had refinished, chrome pitting being a major problem on those drums. The feedback on it was such that I decided to keep writing and add some info on my rebuilds and experiments for other people to enjoy since the information available on the internet was very sketchy at best. As of June 2009 the website has had around 28000 hits on Geocities before moving to this new webhost which just amazes me, I never originally thought the website would grow from a single page like it did or be considered as any kind of reference for old Ludwigs! It was simply a chance for me to mess around with some HTML, share a few things and have a bit of fun figuring out how to put it all together. It seemed that many of the vintage websites dealt with the history and provided pictures yet failed to address specific information such as rectifying shortcomings and repairing drums which many people would consider a write off. The thing that got me into older snares in the first place was to get away from generic sounds, and in addition some of the really old drums were built by craftsman rather than mass production and are surprisingly effective, especially when modernised with the latest heads and wires. The fact that many of the snare drums needed repairing underlines that the name of the game was to get hold of some unusual stuff on a budget, some of the drums would have been too expensive in museum condition and I'd have been reluctant to mess around with them.

Finally, thanks to all at the old DCI Forum, Drumforum.org and elsewhere for helping to compile the info.

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