Although the DCI forum is no more I decided to leave this info up for a while because some other forums (such as the evansdrumhead one) use this software.

If you ever played "Guess the Author" on the DCI forum you'll recognise this problem! If you can't see any nicknames then it's time for a quick fix!

The basic problem is that there is a java script file called "if_menus[1].js" which isn't downloaded correctly with Norton running. This is then stored in the explorer cache with a size of 1K, in other words an empty file! The file size when coded is around 20K (the file is responsible for building links and menus). By looking at the file properties in the cache you can quickly verify this for yourself! Once the file is in the cache correctly then the Norton firewall features can be switched back on as normal. Here is the solution that worked for me:

1. Switch off privacy control, ad-blocking, antispam, parental control, intrusion detection.

2. Leave on: security, personal firewall, Norton antivirus to ensure some cover is provided.

3. Clear out temporary internet files. Alternatively if you know how to browse the cache files you can delete "if_menus[1].js" only.

4. Goto the DCI forum, the file should now be downloaded correctly and you should now see the author names (in addition you should now see the control panel link if you log in). Re-activate the Norton features you switched off from earlier.

One thing to bear in mind is this: this will work fine unless you ever empty out the cache files in which case you'll need to repeat the process! Once you have done the above there are still additional problems such as the advanced search page not loading properly. I found it was just easiest to switch off AD-BLOCKING before visiting the webpage since the search is not something I use much (you could probably configure this in the ad-blocking > advanced section if you use it a lot). The other features could be left on as normal. Hopefully this will work for you, it certainly worked for me!